Riders steer their bikes on a cobblestone-paved section during the 112th edition of the Paris-Roubaix cycling classic.

Photograph: Thibault Camus/AP (via Sport picture of the day: Paris-Roubaix dust devils | Sport | theguardian.com)


Brabantse Pijl 2014

Signing-on can be tricky…

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Desire is the foundation of all learning and you can only climb up the ladder of knowledge by desiring to learn.

How to acquire knowledge (via explore-blog)

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Kensington! <3

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So my mom and I have been working the same waitress job for 5-6 years now. She had been waitressing years before, but this is recently. Anyway, about… 15 minutes ago this guy she waited on left and told her to take care. Just that. Prior to this she had talked to him about Italy. Her people are from Florence, this and that, and she said she’s never been. She’s got 8 years of art education and she’s working a waitress job. It’s pretty… Sad and disappointing, I guess. Her and my father divorced 6 years ago and she hasn’t had a real job ever. Just been stuck in a small town she’s not from.

This man who we have never seen before tipped her 1000 dollars for a trip to Italy. Walked out, not another word.

…you know. Just when I start to lose faith in humanity….Hm.

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